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Powerful Animation Of Endangered Animals Reveals How Humans Treat Them (video)

By Maukh Saha / Truth Theory: If you have watched Les Misérables or at least heard the songs, you probably have ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ etched in your heart. Now, imagine that haunting rendition being sung by all the endangered species of the world. Could you picture it in your imagination? If you think about it, the song is probably something that is going on in every endangered species’ heart. They had never dreamed that their world would come to a probable ...

Our African Grey Project

The aim: Finding a decent solution for the washouts of the African Grey Parrot pet industry in South Africa, a new home for ex-pet African Grey Parrots.

Lemurs Are Weird Because Madagascar Has Weird Fruit

Lemurs eat way less fruit than most other primates, and scientists have a new hypothesis as to why: the fruit on Madagascar, where the lemurs live, is unusually low in protein. Scientists posit that the evolution of unusual dietary behaviors in lemurs, from leaf-eating to hibernating, is tied to fruit quality.

Why Tamhf Changed To Saasa

The Touch a Monkey’s Heart Foundation (TAMHF) sanctuaries – named Monkeyland and Birds of Eden – provide the primates and birds who live there with a stable environment, one with permanence and where there is definitely no exploitation.

Bird Species Video

Bird species at Birds of Eden, Plettenberg Bay.