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Climate Change Is Making Bamboo-eating Lemurs Go Hungry

Bamboo growth cycles and the lemurs’ dietary needs are increasingly out of sync. Even though it is already the most endangered primate in the world, the greater bamboo lemur just can’t catch a break. Climate change is starving out this Madagascar native

Climate Change Pushing This Lemur To The Limit

A new study, co-authored by UA primatologist Stacey Tecot, paints a grim picture for the future of greater bamboo lemurs in Madagascar.

Lemur On The Menu: Most-endangered Primates Still Served In Madagascar

Officials in Madagascar’s northeastern Sava region say lemur is served illegally in restaurants. One conservationist says people use a code to order lemur meat. More than 90 percent of lemur species are threatened, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.

High-ranking Male Primates Keep Wafting Their Sex Stink At Females, Who Hate It

Researchers call it “stink flirting.” A male ringtailed lemur rubs his signature scent onto his long, fluffy tail, then waves it over his head in the direction of a nearby female. Males seem to intend this gesture as a sexual overture. But it often gets them into fights - with lemurs of both sexes. In fact, scientists aren’t sure stink flirting helps male lemurs at all.

Ringtail Lemurs Threatened By Illegal Pet Trade

By John R. Platt | August 7, 2015