National Congress On Wildlife Diseases, Conservation To Be Held

1st August 2019

Through the event, participants will be trained on the wildlife issues and will be acquainted with new scientific studies in related fields, Iman Memarian, head of Tehran Zoological Garden said.

Wildlife diseases (occurrence-monitoring-surveillances), the role of wildlife in the biological cycle of zoonosis, the role of domestic animals’ infectious diseases on the occurrence of wildlife diseases, rescue operations and crisis management in wildlife, threats and damages due to climate change on ecosystems and habitats, threats and mutual effects of human and wildlife, threats of non-indigenous and invader species on the environment, new ways of protecting wildlife are among the issues to be discussed in the event, he explained.

Currently, all who are active in the field of aforementioned issues and subjects can send their latest works and articles to the congress’s website for revision, he added.

Wildlife diseases management plays an important role in protecting animal species and preventing the endangered ones from extinction, especially in few remaining populations.

Undoubtedly, connecting event-related circles, monitoring and surveillance of wildlife diseases will make the process more efficient. 

Therefore, the first national congress on wildlife diseases and conservation aims at gathering wildlife researchers from inside and outside the country in one place, investigating the current status of protection and diseases, and identifying challenges of this field, and finally, finding practical solutions to improve the surveillance system in the wild.